Ontario's Turtles Need Your Help!

It's the OTCC's mandate to help Ontario's turtles.  The Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre is the ONLY dedicated turtle rehabilitation and conservation centre in Canada.  We tend to the immediate needs of injured turtles in Canada while putting conservation and education initiatives in place to address both acute and long-term threats faced by Ontario's native turtles.  

  • OTCC operates a referral and teaching hospital that provides ground-breaking medical treatment and care for Ontario's native turtles
  • OTCC conducts a hatchling program which gives baby turtles born in our hospital a "head start" in life.  
  • OTCC's "head start" program gives hatchlings a greater chance at survival once released from captivity and returned to determined locations. OTCC actively participates in field studies and research on released hatchlings which is shared with turtle biologists, ministries and agencies, academics and other conservation organizations.
  • OTCC has an outreach and education program which plays a vital role in engaging people in conservation and in supporting our work.

Every dollar you donate helps us save these turtles.  It costs approximately $450/year to provide continuous care to a turtle.  OTCC currently has over 1000 turtles at our centre.  This #GivingTuesday, please give generously!

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